In this world you may be only one person, but to one person you may be the world   - Author Unknown
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When someone looses a loved one...   A large (much needed) support of friends and family comes rushing to the immediate aide.  The cards, flowers, late night tearful coffee talks, and even meals come pouring in.    THEN...Most of the people within the support system have gone back to normal life. The person dealing directly with losing the loved one is left with a life altering gap in their lives and heart. Each day is a heavy reminder of the loss.  The pain can deepen over the following months.    Because we live in a "quick fix" society, it is easy to forget the journey of grief can be a  long and painful one for many.  Let's stay mindful and supportive to those who are dealing with loss GRIEF SUPPORT CARD  COLLECTION  Collection of 12 cards designed to walk for a year alongside a friend on their journey of grief. Envelopes included.  Price: $16.95 
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Grief Support
Planting a tree is a wonderful way to honor a cherished person in your life. The Oak tree is a symbol of strength and endurance. Many occasions are fitting - whether it is to welcome the birth of a child, commemorate a milestone birthday, celebrate the purchase of a new home, or honor the passing of a loved one; planting a tree is a meaningful way to leave a legacy. Our Gable gift box comes with all you need to grow an oak tree starting from a seed. Our tree kit includes: biodegradable container with saucer, nutritional soil, preconditioned seed package guaranteed to grow, detailed instructions and accompanying gift card. We will choose the best the Oak tree breed that will thrive in your zip code.   Our gift box can be shipped directly to recipient. Price: $39.00
Grief support