"He who seeks a faultless friend, remains friendless." -Turkish Proverb
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CRAP DAY… I know we’ve all had those times where it seems we can’t do anything right.  We’ll sometimes say the wrong thing out of a raw moment and wish it could be taken back, and sometimes our mistakes just keep snow-balling into a big mess.  In those moments we are praying and hoping it will go away quickly, and for mercy and forgiveness. On the other hand we may have been subjected to someone else sticking their foot in their mouth - or being just down right not nice. Now we're offended. Whether we are the offender, or offendee -  inevitably there's a wedge within the relationship. How do I clean up this mess? Thank God for His loving and unconditional forgiveness and kindness – despite our imperfections…and I don’t mean small imperfections either – sometimes we’re pretty stupid in how we handle ourselves, but He welcomes us anyways. No matter how dumb we can be, God requires no hoop jumping, no long pennants, just “WELCOME HOME”. We need to stop building walls against our brothers & sisters, but rather work instead to tear them down. Let’s embrace each other (faults and all) with the same passion that God has received us. No one is without sin, so let’s not judge each other harshly.
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