Nothing touches a friend more than having something other than a bill land in their mailbox - especially when it's not an occasion like a birthday, or Christmas…    - Author Unknown
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Throw a Bone… We have all had times when life is beating us up, and the only prayer we have the strength to pray is, "God, can you throw me a bone? Can SOMETHING just go right?"  I've been there, and at critical times, God has lovingly provided some amazing person to fill our fridge when we needed it, randomly give a gas card, or even take me for a stress relieving pedicure.  We need to look out for signs of our fellow brothers and sisters being at the end of themselves and needing for us to "throw them a bone" to fuel them with even a small ray of hope.    Let us all be a reminder that there are those who do care and are standing beside them in prayer and tangible support.    Whether we are able to fill a need of some kind, or simply a provide small oasis from the stress, let's band together as the family of Christ and Carry each other's burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ - Galatians 6:2 -For those in financial stress, give a Visa gift card  so they can buy some food, or pay a bill… -Take them a yummy meal…There's nothing more stress relieving for a parent then to have a great meal for the family that required no effort.  You can simply bring your favorite meal as a one-time gift, or go to www.takethema to coordinate a schedule for times such as loss of a loved one, or for a more long-term crisis. -Take a girlfriend for a time of stress relief - whether it is coffee talk, a trip to get a massage, manicure, or pedicure.  When a girl feels pretty, they tend to feel like they can tackle anything!  -Buy a movie and/or restaurant gift card & offer to watch the kids so there is some possible "thinking time"  Email us any additional ideas, or testimonials of how someone has been THROWN A BONE.  We will be posting how you have affected each other with the verb, LOVE.
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Throw a bone